“God gave me the vision of an oasis in the desert - a place where those in need would come for more than just water to drink, but to also get food for the soul.”

Rev. Floyd E. Dumas, Sr., Founder ~1926-2006~


Metropolitan Oasis Community Development Corporation (MOCDC) is a not-for-profit, faith-based social service agency offering a variety of services in Lake and Elkhart County, Indiana through its REFORM Program (Rescue and Empower Families to Observe Restore and Manage):

The REFORM program was previously known as our Family Preservation Program.The purpose of the REFORM programs are to help preserve and reunite healthy families. MOCDC cooperates with other agencies, churches, rehabilitation centers, schools and governmental entities. This approach is used so that families know that there is an “OASIS” that can truly respond to their needs.